After working for several different tree services over the years I felt that I could do a better job & opened Mcintyre’s Tree Service LLC in 2011. We offer tree removal, pruning, trimming, 24 hour emergency service year round, stump grinding, firewood for sale & snow plowing. Mcintyre’s Tree Service is fully insured & offer free estimates. We strive to return phone calls immediately & show up on time for the estimate & to perform the work.

– Keith McIntyre Sr.

I have always enjoyed the outdoors & after 10 years of working behind a desk managing large mechanical projects I decided to make a change & started working for a tree service. I worked for several tree services gaining experience & saving up to buy the equipment required to have my own tree service. I have over 10 years’ experience in the tree service industry & I am a certified arborist. I enjoy hiking & camping when time allows.

– Keith McIntyre Jr.

Keith McIntyre Jr. has worked for me since the beginning & has several years’ experience & is also a certified arborist. Keith Jr. enjoys working on equipment so he is responsible for all of the maintenance on our equipment as well as performing most of the climbing work for our company. Keith Jr. also enjoys skiing & other outdoor activities. Being a arborist doesn’t just mean knowing how to cut trees. It also means to be a specialist in the cultivation and care of trees, and shrubs, including tree surgery ( i.e removing sucker branches), the diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of tree diseases, and control of pests.